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Social Media Management for Your Funeral Home

Build a following, win more calls, serve more families 

Warning! Most funeral home social media is done completely wrong!

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Made by Other Social Media Managers

Mistake #1 - Wrong Content

Sadly, most funeral home Facebook pages are filled with content that is useless. A common practice by lazy social media managers is to create an image with a quote, add the client's logo and post it (that's the wrong way). 

Another common practice is to post images and videos that are nothing more than print ads and TV commercials....ugh. That's a great way to make sure people unfollow your page!

Mistake #2 - Set & Forget

Some of the social media agencies serving the funeral industry follow a "set it and forget it' approach to managing your content. They set up the post and then ignore what happens. That's a huge mistake! 

Social media is never a one way broadcast; it's a conversation. If you do not actively monitor the conversation around your posts, you are missing the whole point. But then again, if there is no conversation, maybe they were posting the wrong content in the first place.

Mistake #3 - Automated Posts

Posting content on dozens or Facebook pages can be tedious, plus it's easy to make mistakes. To solve that problem, many social media agencies use automated services such as to post their content.

There's only one problem...Facebook hates automated posting tools. Just like Google, Facebook does not release the details of their algorithms. However, independent testing has shown that manually posting content always out ranks automated posts.

Do you think your social media manager might be doing it wrong?

Here is our proprietary roadmap for managing your social media.

Learn more about our process by watching the webinar below.

Meet the Team

John Callaghan

My role is to review all content before it is posted to your page and verify that it is up to our standards and consistent with your marketing strategy. I also work with Andy to plan special promotions, advertising etc.

Andy Tallent

I curate all of the content for your social media channels. Once John has approved the content, I personally post and monitor all feedback. I also monitor all of our client's pages and raise the red flag if something needs your attention (e.g., inappropriate comment).


You will contribute by notifying us of any local events you would like to promote. You will also let us know when you are ready for more pre-need leads so we can turn on the campaigns for you. 

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